Mon 16 Apr. 2018

Join the Chartered Insurance Institute's 'Bring your whole self to work' breakfast event taking place on Friday 18 May.

To accept this invitation, please click here before Friday 27 April 2018.

This event is in partnership with Pride in the City, with speakers Dame Inga Beale, CEO of Lloyd's, President of the Chartered Insurance Institute and Antonia Belcher, Founding LLP Member/Partner, MHBC LLP.

Two in five trans people (40%) adjust the way they dress because they fear discrimination or harassment whilst half of trans and non-binary people (51% and 50% respectively) hide or disguise that they are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LBGT) at work because they are afraid of discrimination (Stonewall, LGBT in Britain: Trans report, 2018). We at the Insurance Institute of London and Chartered Insurance Institute believe that trans people, and all LGBT+ people, should feel comfortable to bring their whole self to work. This event will discuss the journey and value of bringing your whole self to work in the context of LGBT+ and will help us to learn and discuss how we can ensure our LGBT + friends feel comfortable to be themselves both at work and in their home life.

Please contact with any queries.