President's Message

Welcome to the Insurance Institute of London. I am honoured to lead the Institute as President for 2018-19.

The CII and the Institute have a substantial programme of talent and skills development planned for 2018-19, including world-class lectures and podcasts, revision lectures, educational visits, social and networking activities, and publications. I encourage all members to take full advantage of these activities.

The Institute's achievements would not be possible without the 400+ volunteers who contribute as committee members, speakers and facilitators, so my continued thanks to them for their hard work and commitment. We are always looking for more people to join us!

Membership of the IIL increased by just under 2% in 2017-18 to a new record level and has risen by 58.95% in the past ten years - a tremendous achievement.  The popularity and value of Chartered status is clearly increasing significantly, as is the Institute’s reputation for providing high quality continuing professional development for our membership.  At well over 25,100, of whom 55% are aged under 40 and 31% are female, the Insurance Institute of London incorporates roughly half the London Market.

These are exciting times for insurance professionals and organisations, with technology and innovation providing us with the opportunity to better serve our customers, modernise our operations, further drive our knowledge by leveraging data and analytics while supporting regulatory evolutions. The individuals and companies who embrace change and support the development of new technical, analytical, and entrepreneurial skills in our workforce will thrive.

The Institute is well placed to help, with seven major areas of activity underpinning support for members at a time when it has to remember what is at its core: Instruct and Protect which is my theme for this year. This is to ensure that in a moment in time where the profession has to significantly evolve, adapt to a truly global environment, leverage InsurTech capabilities, adjust to required skillsets for the future, service our clients in a way which supports them achieving on their own ambitions, the Insurance Institute of London provides the sector with what is critical. Instructing, educating, learning, ensuring individual and corporate curiosity, growing awareness, all elements that are critical to perform at best. Protecting our clients, insureds, pensioners or investors is our 'Raison d'Etre', is why we are here, let's make sure we always have this front of mind in anything we do. 

Insurance has been, is and will always be a people business underpinned by mutual trust. Insurance is what supports sustainability and supports entrepreneurship and risk taking, it helps the world to develop sustainably. And, of course, insurance is a great sector with so many possible diverse careers offering lots of variety and opportunity!

If you have questions or comments about any of the Institute's activities, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to working with you in the year ahead.