Thu 2 Mar. 2017

Insurance Charities Awareness Week 2017 - what you need to know!

This year's Insurance Charities Awareness Week (ICAW) is taking place between 19-23 June.

The Insurance Charities are inviting all insurance employers in the UK and Ireland, regardless of the size of the company, to take part.

By signing your company up to take part you will receive a complimentary display box for your office to raise awareness of the charity among your staff. This year the display boxes will contain chocolates, mobile phone/tablet stands, post-it note booklets and Insurance Charities flyers that, by folding, become a bookmark and a business card. The boxes will be sent out in early June so will be with you in time to be displayed during the awareness week between the 19-23 June.

There is no cost to you or your company to be involved in this event. The aim is to raise awareness of the Insurance Charities among as many insurance employees as possible so if people are facing tough times they know their industry has a charity they can turn to for help and support. The Insurance Charities ask that you display the box in a communal area, such as a canteen, reception or on a desk, so staff may come and help themselves to the contents.

Last year was a fantastic success, reaching over 30,000 people working in insurance over 225 offices across the UK and Ireland. This year the Insurance Charities want to reach even more offices and insurance employees.

To take part and receive your display box email or visit