Mon 20 Feb. 2017

Become a London Insurance Life Ambassador

Role profile: London Insurance Life Ambassador

Role Summary

This is a voluntary, ad hoc role (2 to 4 hours each month) to support the promotion and development of the London Market Group’s (LMG) new ‘London Insurance Life’ Instagram and Facebook campaign aimed at attracting diverse talent into the London Insurance Market. The focus of the Ambassador role is to promote the high profile campaign, and the market as a whole, to both people considering their career options and existing market participants to ensure our message is as far-reaching as possible and to source contributors and content.

Reporting to: Teresa Bentley, Senior Manager, LMG, 1 Lime Street, London EC3M 7HA.

About the LMG

The LMG is a market-wide body, representing the insurance and reinsurance broking and underwriting communities in London. LMG speaks collectively for market practitioners on growth and modernisation issues, and its aim is to build on London’s position and reputation as the global centre of insurance excellence.

LMG is supported and governed by the International Underwriting Association of London (IUA), Lloyd’s, the Lloyd’s Market Association (LMA) and the London & International Insurance Brokers’ Association (LIIBA). The LMG board comprises of senior London Market leaders.

The LMG is based in the prestigious Lloyd’s building; but it represents the whole of the London Insurance Market. More information about the LMG can be found at: and the LMG manifesto can be downloaded here

About London Insurance Life

As part of the London Market’s drive to recruit new and diverse talent, the LMG has launched an Instagram and Facebook page (@londoninsurancelife) to bring to life the unique career opportunities that the market offers. The primary audience is young people that haven’t yet made their career choice and their influencers – friends, mentors, parents and teachers who need information and don’t know about the market.

The pages demonstrate the working life of various market participants and provide information on entry level jobs and schemes though our ‘people posts’ (see the Shamim Miah post and other examples on @londoninsurancelife), supplemented with photos and videos showing the vibrancy of life in EC3. This social media campaign is promoted by the CII as part of their Discover Risk programme and will be supported at a number of events where young people can experience the market direct.

Main Responsibilities

With support and guidance from the LMG:

  • Act as a London Insurance Market and @londoninsurancelife champion internally and externally. Promotional cards, key messages and guides are provided.
    • Promote the campaign to new and existing market contacts to attract new followers and participants
      • Seek out opportunities for further ‘people posts’ and identify jobs and schemes that can be included in these posts
      • Create and build upon relationships within your own organisation to help promote and encourage followers to the pages
    • Promote the campaign to new and existing non-market contacts to attract new followers – friends, family and university, college and school students etc.
    • Occasionally speak to young people attending London Market / careers events and tours about your own role and personal journey into insurance and experience of working in the London Insurance Market to help promote @londoninsurancelife
  • Take and/or source photographs and videos (e.g. Instagram boomerang videos) in both fun and professional settings around the city and share these with the LMG so that they can be posted on @londoninsurancelife
  • Maintain an awareness of the types of roles and entry level schemes available in the market and also specific entry level jobs and schemes at your organisation
  • Lead by example: follow @londoninsurancelife, promote its posts to maximise exposure and ideally be the subject of a ‘people post’
  • Attend ambassador/focus group sessions to share progress and ideas and help hone the solution:
    • quarterly 1.5 hour lunch meetings
    • ad hoc 45 min coffee sessions (up to 8 a year)
  • Provide LMG with a monthly update on your achievements in the role

Role Requirements

The role will suit someone that is sociable, has great interpersonal skills and the drive to make the London Market a more diverse and inclusive place. The role holder should have:

  • Good understanding of, and be a user of social media with a particular focus on Instagram and Facebook. They must also be mindful of their presence both online and when interacting within the market, in order to promote excellence and professionalism by representing the market in the best light.
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to communicate confidently with a wide range of people at all levels of seniority
  • Able to work independently and proactively, whilst highlighting any problems, concerns and opportunities to the LMG
  • Ideally experienced entry level London Market roles and schemes in the last 6 years and can therefore relate to the challenges young people face when considering career options.

The Development Opportunity

A unique opportunity to work with the LMG to represent the London Insurance Market as an ambassador and encourage others to consider a career within it

  • Involvement in a new and innovative campaign to drive forward the key message that the London Insurance Market is a first class employment choice:
    • the market is an interesting place to work and there are a number of entry level schemes and roles
    • there are wide range of roles suitable for a variety of personalities and academic achievements
    • the market is open for all, regardless of one’s background or level of attainment
  • Increase both your understanding of the London Market and confidence in interacting with others
  • Develop your networking skills; grow your own networks both within the market and outside of it
  • Raise your profile within your own organisation and within the London Market

To Apply

Contact with your CV cc your manager.

Thank you for taking the time to read this role profile. Regardless of whether or not you feel this role is for you, we hope that you will follow @londoninsurancelife on Instagram and Facebook and encourage others to do so.

We are always looking for people to be the subject of posts, interesting market related photos and videos and details of entry level jobs and schemes to include. Please contact about such content.