Tue 1 Jul. 2014

Visit to Cory Riverside Resource Recovery (Cory RRR)

Educational visit to Cory RRR on Tuesday 1 July 2014. This 2 ½ hour visit offered a behind the scenes look at one of the UK’s most efficient energy recovery plants, which currently processes approximately 16% waste from households and businesses in central London. The Belvedere plant is an example of a robust, clean, highly automated and efficient facility that recycles waste and converts it into generating electricity

This visit was hosted by two Cory Directors. The introduction, history and insurance & risk management issues were covered by Chris Jones, the Risk Management & Compliance Director. Chris explained the long planning history of the site (which was opened in 2012) and some of the finance issues, many of which had cost and insurance implications. He then explained some of the risk issues, which included archeology, munitions and water voles as well as the more expected flood and fire risks, which needed to be modeled and considered.

Andy Pike, the RRR Director, explained some of benefits and statistics of the plant. The facility processes 670,000 tonnes of waste from across London and exports c470,000 MWh of electricity to the National Grid (enough to power 100,000 homes). The facility is an important strategic river-served waste management facility for London, helping the capital to manage its own waste, keeping over 100,000 HGVs off the capital's congested roads each year and making a real contribution to London's ability to meet its landfill diversion targets. Cory’s river operations are a key aspect of the process for Riverside, with over 85% of the waste being brought to the plant on barges along the River Thames. It is capable of managing an average of 585,000 tonnes of residual waste each year, over its life, with an annual throughput of up to 670,000 tonnes.

By the end of the visit members will have gained an insight into the general, insurance, and risk management issues which insurance professionals should be aware of when dealing with clients with recyclable and renewables as part of their job.

Download the presentation below.