Tue 10 Dec. 2013

So you want to be a CEO?

Russell gave young members an overview of his career path and offered a number of practical suggestions on steps which they might consider taking to enhance their career development opportunities. In a wide-ranging talk Russell emphasised the importance of:

  • each individual driving their own career development
  • acquiring new experiences by offering to work abroad, or by volunteering to work on a special project
  • understanding the industry, your particular sector and the needs of your clients
  • filling the gaps in your professional knowledge via professional qualifications
  • understanding what is on the minds of the leaders of your firm
  • always being prepared with a couple of well thought-out ‘elevator pitch’ comments or questions in case there was an opportunity to ask them of a VIP
  • positivity and focussing energy on the things that can be changed

Above all, Russell emphasised that the most important element was to deliver on your promises.

Download the transcript and presentation below.