Mindful Remote Work - your toolkit to unlock the potential of WFH

Online event
Wednesday, 07 October 2020
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm (UK time)
  • Wellbeing programme

How we lost more than just the commute to the office and how mindful boundaries get you back on track.

The IIL have partnered with Inclusion@Lloyd's six partner networks for an interactive lunch talk, exploring how we can make the best of the current situation and unlock the potential of remote work.

Hosted by educator, techie and mindfulness teacher Jonas Haefele, the workshop will explore what remote work does to our brain, how we can use simple rituals and intentional breaks to get better work done in less time, and how to find tools to keep you sane when working from your spare bedroom or kitchen table.

Expect to walk away with a better understanding of your work routines, new habits and rituals to try out to level-up your workday, and simple tools to collaborate more efficiently when you're working remotely. And yes, we'll answer the question - 'What is mindfulness?'- and learn why mindfulness is crucial at work.

All you need is an hour of your time, pen and paper and a bit of curiosity.

About the speaker
Jonas has years of experience in corporate training, teaching Fortune 500 companies about technology and innovation, to up-level their workforce and accelerate transformation. He's also a yoga and mindfulness teacher and has recently launched A Quick Pause, a podcast offering a weekly break from the chaos around us with a simple mindfulness practice to try.

At that intersection of increased speed in innovation, clever use of technology, and an intentionally slower, mindful approach to work and life, we find new opportunities and simple tools to work more efficiently and avoid burnout.

2019, Jonas Haefele founded Slow Works to help organizations explore how to use technology mindfully, embracing the potential of tech while caring for the people and the planet. Tech needs an upgrade - going from human-centred to humane.

Registration is free, but advance booking is required

  • Online event