Cyber warfare and the prospects for international cooperation

Online event
Tuesday, 15 March 2022
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm (UK time)
    • Ed Pocock CISSP, Senior cyber security consultant, Gallagher Re
  • Reinsurance

In this IIL reinsurance webinar, Ed Pocock explores the differing definitions, aspects and challenges presented by the advent of cyber warfare. The potential for cooperation between state actors is then examined, alongside the prospects for deterrence of cyber hostility and what that might mean for the insurance community.

Cyber events have been ever present in our headlines over the past few years, from tales of ransomware events impacting the supply of our favourite confectionery goods, to more widespread events disregarding conventional borders with seemingly reckless abandon. Whilst these attention-grabbing events are yet to truly result in a headline loss, cyber insurance remains ever vigilant around the potential systemic risk that cyber as a peril presents.

The term cyber-warfare has its roots in science fiction; the 1983 film 'War Games' captured the imagination of theatregoing audiences showing a young hacker instigating global conflict through playing a nuclear missile simulation he believes to be a videogame. Whilst, thankfully, the scenario laid out in War Games hasn’t occurred, it deftly outlines many of the challenges presented by non-physical warfare.

There is still disagreement between academics, policy experts and military bodies on how to define cyber war and whether it remains inconceivable or has become an inevitable part of conflict in the modern age. Regardless of definition, it’s difficult to deny that the nature of warfare has evolved. Recent conflicts have often seen a convergence of traditional (land, air and sea) combat, with cyber aggression. An emergence of 'hybrid' tactics, often pursued through digital mediums, has led to further change in the nature of warfare. From recent reports published by The Geneva Association to the new LMA Cyber War wordings, insurance continues its attempts to categorise and comprehend how this new threat landscape could change the nature of warfare.

Learning objectives:

  • The diverging ways cyber warfare is defined
  • The potential for cooperation between state actors in deterring cyber warfare
  • What cyber warfare might mean for the insurance community
  • Online event

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