We’re under attack - taking practical steps to protect your business from a cyber attack

Online event
Wednesday, 10 July 2024
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm (UK time)
    • Daniel Williams, Financial Adviser & PFS Vice President, Morgan Williams & Co
  • Financial Planning

In this IIL financial planning webinar Daniel Williams talks about data integrity, and the growing risk of cyber-crime in the financial services industry before exploring ways to help keep your business and clients safe.

Businesses now rely heavily on technology for every aspect of their operations, making them prime targets for cyber-attacks. Originally, data breaches and cyber incidents were rare, happening perhaps once or twice a year. However, these events now occur on a weekly basis and no longer need sophisticated methods to exploit vulnerabilities. After extensive analysis and consultation, it was determined that a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy was necessary to protect sensitive information and maintain business integrity. This strategy involves multiple layers of defence, starting with robust endpoint security and network protections. The primary focus is on identifying and intercepting threats before they can infiltrate business systems, akin to a digital moat.

Key measures include the implementation of two-factor authentication, regular system updates, and rigorous employee training programs. By adopting a proactive stance, businesses aim to prevent cyber-attacks from compromising their operations and data. In essence, this multi-faceted cybersecurity approach acts as a digital fortress, intercepting potential breaches before they can cause harm, and ensuring that sensitive business information remains secure and uncompromised.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the current landscape of cybercrime, including prevalent trends in fraud and the innovative techniques used by scammers
  • Learn about organisational culture’s critical role in preventing fraud and how to cultivate a culture of resilience within your business
  • Gain practical tools to develop a comprehensive contingency plan, enhancing preparedness for any crises
  • Explore how to transform your business into a 'digital fortress', enhancing overall cyber resilience.

Chair: Alina Paula Burlacu, Director, AB Personal Performance Coaching


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  • Online event

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