Future Leaders: 3-day Nature Summit in Scotland

Eilean Shona, Scotland
Monday, 13 May 2024 – Friday, 17 May 2024
    • HOST: Jack Watt, Founder, Climate Pursuits (and VP Climate & Sustainability Strategy, Marsh)
    • Leon Durbin, Wildlife Biologist & Conservation Expert
    • Joss Carnegie, Farms Manager, Atlantic Mariculture
    • Matt Waterson, Outdoor Wildlife & Kayaking Expert
  • YMC event

Do you consider yourself a future leader of the insurance industry? The IIL YMC and Climate Pursuits are bringing together future insurance industry leaders in a one-of-its-kind summit on a private island and wilderness haven in Scotland to learn from local experts about nature risks and opportunities.

According to the World Economic Forum, climate and environmental risks are now the most significant risks identified for the next decade.

Most companies do not understand their dependencies and impacts on nature and are inadequately accounting for nature-related risks and opportunities.

Nature is now no longer a corporate social responsibility issue but a strategic risk management issue.

Only by learning about nature in the field, will we truly appreciate and be inspired to protect, restore and leverage the full potential of nature-based solutions to mitigate and adapt to climate change, whilst also restoring our ecosystems.

Nine hours of CPD, delivered by local experts and hosted by Jack Watt, Founder, Climate Pursuits (and VP Climate & Sustainability Strategy, Marsh),

  • Leon Durbin, Wildlife Biologist & Conservation Expert
    • Understand the UK's aquatic ecosystems and wildlife and how climate change is impacting behavioural patterns
    • Understand the UK's terrestrial flora, the threat of invasive species and how climate change is impacting growing conditions
    • Best practices for ecological and ecosystem conservation and restoration, discussed in the context of risk management and insurance solutions

  • Joss Carnegie, Farms Manager, Atlantic Mariculture (as seen on RE:TV)
    • Understand the challenges and opportunities of innovating our food systems through the lens of seaweed cultivation
    • Learn about how sea kelp farming helps both climate change adaptation, mitigation and biodiversity regeneration
    • Understand how the insurance community can play a key role in facilitating regenerative agriculture

  • Matt Waterston, Outdoor Wildlife and Kayaking Expert
    • Understand the context to, and history of, land and marine management with respect to wildlife
    • Learn first-hand about how aquatic ecosystems and wildlife are coping and adapting to today’s conditions
    • Explore Scotland’s rich biodiversity, and learn about what business measures can be taken to maintain and improve it

Travelling by sleeper train, you’ll spend three days discussing nature-based solutions to climate change with pioneering local experts, and how the insurance industry can support climate action.

You’ll connect with other insurance industry leaders over hearty meals and activities like sea kayaking and wildlife watching.

This is not only an investment in your professional development but also a way to positively impact rural economies by engaging local experts and communities.

Each place includes a contribution to the Scottish Wildlife Trust, furthering your commitment to conservation and nature-based solutions.

This is an exclusive experience for IIL members, hosted by Climate Pursuits in association with the IIL YMC. Applications will be processed by Climate Pursuits and jointly assessed with the IIL YMC.


While all applications are welcome, this experience is primarily designed for insurance professionals under 40 and who have gained at least five years of valuable work experience in the insurance industry.

Not all applications will be successful - we expect this experience to be in high demand, and we aim to select a diverse representation of the insurance industry to foster connections and engagement. If you are not successful this time, there are likely to be future opportunities.

Each place is funded by the individual’s organisation - you should be comfortable that the cost will be signed off on or already have sought approval, before applying.

You will leave Monday 13 May morning at 8am from London Euston, and return Friday 17 May morning at 8am via Sleeper Train.

Unfortunately, this experience has limited infrastructure to cater for wheelchair users. This is primarily due to the rocky paths on the island and getting on/off the boat. We are working on a viable solution to this longer term.

If you have any questions before applying, you can email them to jack@climatepursuits.com

  • Eilean Shona, Scotland

CII Accredited

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