The Insurance Charities

Your industry charity

Each year The Insurance Charities help hundreds of insurance employees and their families in the UK and Ireland experiencing financial hardship

In 2022/2023 it gave out over £1.3 million to current and former insurance employees and their dependents experiencing difficult life events such as:

  • Ill health
  • Disability
  • Tragedy
  • Depression
  • Dementia
  • Domestic abuse
  • Redundancy

It can help with one-off payments, such as household repairs and electrical appliances, provide ongoing financial help and give practical support to those with health, money and housing concerns. It understands adversity can affect anyone and turn their life upside down. It wants to make sure no insurance employee in need of help misses out. You can hear from people who have been supported by the Charity.

In addition, The Insurance Charities and Alzheimer’s Society have created a dedicated service to support anyone in the industry affected by dementia – whether that’s for them or a loved one. The partnership also offers fantastic volunteering opportunities to those working the insurance industry.

If you are an employer and would like to help raise awareness among your colleagues, particularly if you are working in HR, wellbeing or CSR, you can access information and resources here.


For more information, please visit The Insurance Charities website.