Thu 3 Mar. 2022

CII Shares Findings of 'Shaping the Future together' consultation

The Chartered Insurance Institute shares findings from its Shaping the future together consultation, which encouraged members and stakeholders to share their views and help shape the professional body’s future strategy.

The consultation set out the Chartered Insurance Institute’s (CII) proposals to:

  • Put the CII learning framework and membership proposition at the core of the CII strategy, and future-proof its learning and membership offer for a changing world.
  • Evolve how the CII strengthens professionalism and public trust across the insurance and personal finance professions.
  • Ensure the CII’s governance structure is robust and fit for purpose.
  • Ensure members are at the heart of all the CII does.

Throughout the consultation period, which ran from 15 October to 17 December 2021, the CII actively engaged with members, students, corporate customers, the public and key stakeholders. A range of opportunities were provided for them to participate in the consultation and share their views. This included inviting them to feedback via the online consultation survey, or via a dedicated programme of 62 consultation events.

The consultation feedback provides the CII with a clear steer on the services and support members need and want to thrive professionally. Feedback includes the need for:

  1. Streamlined qualifications, modern assessment methods and the introduction of behavioural content provided the focus on technical knowledge is not diluted.
  2. A focus on raising public trust in the profession through the promotion of professional standards and increasing confidence that member misconduct will be addressed.
  3. A common strategy and clear purpose (and objectives) agreed for Societies, Local Institutes and Regional Committees.
  4. A governance and operating structure that achieves greater economies of scale.
  5. A Professional Map that provides individuals and firms, both large and small, with clarity around the competences required of a professional and what development support is available to address any gaps.
  6. The Personal Finance Society to remain part of the CII Group, with greater collaboration between the Boards and a new leader empowered to raise public trust in the profession.

Helen Phillips, Chair of CII Board, said: “2022 is an important year for the CII and its members. This year marks 125 years since Local Institutes came together to form the Federation of Insurance Institutes of Great Britain and Ireland, which would later evolve into a professional body worthy of a Royal Charter – the Chartered Insurance Institute.

“In the coming months the CII’s Board will use consultation feedback to help inform the next five-year strategy for our professional body, so that we build on the long and proud history that underpins our Royal Charter to “secure and justify the confidence of the public” in the insurance and personal finance profession.

“The CII’s leadership team, working with a colleague group, will begin prioritising and implementing those proposals for which the consultation has shown clear support from our members. We aim to share more information on the areas for immediate action in the months ahead.

“Through the consultation feedback it is clear our members want the CII Group – Societies, Local Institutes and Regional Committees – to work together.

“The boards of the CII and Personal Finance Society will together reflect on the views members have shared through this consultation, drawing on these to shape a future governance structure that delivers the economies of scale, and the clear, shared purpose members have told us they want.”