Tue 27 Aug. 2019

Cyber Insurance Research Study - call for expert help

We are looking for volunteer experts in Cyber Insurance to help complete a book - can you help?

Study Leader Neil Park says:

“All assistance would be helpful but an author for chapters 1 and 2 ‘What is cyber risk’ and ‘Why do we need cyber insurance’ - would be useful.

Most important is anyone with expertise in writing chapters 3 and 4 on:
- measuring cyber exposure
- cybersecurity
- how cyber risk can be quantified, measured and priced and

- measuring cyber exposure accumulation.”

In addition to the significant contribution made to the overall sum of insurance knowledge, being a member of a Research Study can provide considerable personal rewards – particularly through broadened expertise and the building of invaluable sets of contacts in other areas of the insurance market.


To see a copy of the scoping paper for this study, please email Allison Potts.

To discuss the specific requirements of the study, please contact the Study Leader Neil Park.