Fri 23 May 2014

Birmingham Airport Visit

Educational visit to Birmingham Airport on Friday 23 May 2014. This 4 hour visit offered a behind the scenes look at how Birmingham Airport is balancing providing quality facilities and services to meet the future air transport needs of the West Midlands region while meeting the ongoing sustainable development of the Airport.

This visit was hosted by the three main officers at Birmingham Airport. The introduction, overview and vision going forward was provided by Paul Kehoe, the CEO. Paul’s presentation explained how from small scale post war beginnings, Birmingham Airport now has a Master Plan looking at the sustainable development of the Airport up to 2030. Joe Kelly, the Chief Administration Officer covered the wide range of insurance types needed and gave examples of policy covers and approach. Joe also looked at Birmingham Airport’s origin and destination markets, the diversified aeronautical revenue, illustrated its growing commercial revenues and market opportunities going forward. Joe included within his presentation two quizzes.

The final part of the visit was a landside terminal tour undertaken by David Winstanley, the Chief Operating Officer. This tour was to supplement and illustrate many of the points raised by Paul and Joe’s presentations. During the tour, David pointed out and explained the layout of the airport and how it may change with developing air traffic within the next few years.

By the end of the visit, members will have gained an insight into the general, insurance, and risk management issues which insurance professionals should be aware of when dealing with clients with airports as part of their job.

Download the presentations below: