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Online access to CPD

In addition to locally hosted events, the local institute network provides you with access to a library of online CPD in conjunction with the CII which you can access at your convenience. A selection can be found below.

Recent trends in ransom attacks - click here
Scenarios to understand risk - click here
Emerging trends and insurance innovation - click here

Please note these are updated on a regular basis - please visit again soon.

CII Societies

CII Societies are dedicated professional communities serving the needs of those in the major sectors of insurance and financial advice; providing a dedicated programme of continuing professional development and good practice guidance,

New Coronavirus Hub each society has launched a new resource hub, bringing together the latest guidance and insight from across the insurance community, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to deal with a rapidly changing business environment.

How coronavirus is affecting insurance COVID-19 will impact insurance claims and the way future products are sold. This summary looks at what regulators and industry bodies have said so far and why business continuity plans are more important than ever.

Remote wellbeing the societies look at how to maintain good mental health while working at home.